Automotive Aluminum Repair

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  • SPR Extraction & Insertion Tool Kit
  • Dent Fix Alu-Magnesium Stud Pins (250)
  • Steck Al Skin Zipper2 Door Skinning Tool
  • Dent Fix Alu-Silicon Stud Pins (250)
  • Dent Fix Self-Piercing Rivet 5.3x5mm for Riveter SPR67
  • Steck Al Skin Zipper Door Skinning Tool
  • 10-Piece Aluminum Hammer & Dolly Kit
  • Dent Fix Self-Piercing Rivet 5.3x6mm for Riveter SPR67
  • Dent Fix Self-Piercing Rivet 5.3x8mm for Riveter SPR67
  • Dent Fix Wagner Heat Gun
  • 8" Stainless Steel Wire Brush
  • Dent Fix 1/4" Hole Punch Pliers DF-8
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