Auto Body Dollies

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  • 2-Ton Universal Wheel Dolly System
  • Roller Plates, 4" Diameter Wheels, 1,000-lb. Load Capacity by CHAMP®
  • Uni-Dolly 4800
  • Uni-Dolly 9600 (Set of 2) with Connector Kit
  • Uni-Dolly 4800 (Single) with Stand
  • Uni-Dolly 4800 (Set of 2) with Stand
  • Uni-Dolly 9600 (Single Set) with Stand
  • Uni-Dolly 9600 with 1 Pinch Clamp, 1 Frame Clamp & 1 Hub Adapter
  • Uni-Dolly Pinch Weld Adapters
  • Uni-Dolly Hub Adapters
  • Uni-Dolly Frame Clamps (Set of 2)
  • Uni-Dolly Heavy-Duty Connection Kit

Shop our wide selection of car wheel dollies and frame dollies available now for your body shop. Whether a vehicle is disabled or simply without tires, we have just the right auto body dolly to help you easily transport it throughout the parking lot and garage for repair. Some of our wheel dolly systems work like floor jacks by squeezing the tire between rollers and lifting them smoothly off of the ground without ever touching the frame or undercarriage. You can get up to two tons of load capacity from some of these units. Additionally, we have car rollers that can also transport boats, mowers, ATVs, etc. Rugged, durable and flexible, our Uni-Dolly systems are also a popular choice for mechanics, racers and serious hobbyists. Whether for a professional shop or home garage, you are sure to find the requisite vehicle movers right here.

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