Paint Prep Stations

  • CHAMP® Portable Paint Booth & Prep Station 4027
  • RTT  3-Sided Limited Finishing Prep Station
  • RTT  2-Sided Limited Finishing Prep Station
  • Dupli-Color Paint Shop Finishing System Strainer Kit BSP400

These auto body prep stations from Champ and Col-Met are exactly what your shop needs to free up space in the spray booths for the heavy lifting. Paint prep stations are perfect for spot repair, cleaning, buffing, sanding and performing other preparatory operations. They filter our dust and overspray to provide technicians with the necessary fresh, clean air that these types of jobs require. The Champ unit is a portable paint booth/prep station while the Col-Met options are stationary and utilize part of the shop infrastructure. All versions take advantage of Goff curtain walls for safety and partitioning.

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