Zendex Tool GoJak® 6313 Max Tire Width 13"


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GoJak™ operates on the principle of a quick action, bi-directional ratchet. Mechanical leverage applied to the foot pedal progressively “squeezes” the vehicle tire between two rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire - no contact with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage is necessary. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make GoJak™ safe and stable in use.

Model 6313
The model 6313 is an ox! Able to jack vehicle weights to 6,300 lbs. Load rating 1,575 lbs. per wheel. Tire-width up to 13" wide & 36" tall. This model has a 5-degree offset pedal for additional foot-to-tire clearance. The under frame clearance is increased an additional 2 ½” over the 5211, which is very useful when pulling cars up flatbed trucks. Available in left and right hand units.
Weight: 48 lbs

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7-Year Warranty.  Please register your GoJak
® online https://zendextool.com/warranty/ to receive the full seven years.
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