LORD Fusor® Metal Bonding Adhesive Medium 7.1 oz. 108B

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Ensure a strong bond when you repair vehicle panels, side panels, door skins, and outer truck bed panels by using the Lord Fusor Metal Bonding Adhesive (Medium). This metal bonding adhesive works on a variety of substrates including aluminum.

How to use Lord Fusor Metal Bonding Adhesive

To use this bond, you need to go through the steps of metal preparation, product preparation and assembly.

  • Metal Surface Preparation: For preparing the metal, grind the surface of all mating flanges to which you have to apply this adhesive. Be sure to take off all coating, traces of existing adhesive, corrosion protection and galvanized coating from the surface. The metal should look shiny after this preparatory step. If sectioning, make provision for a 10° bevel for enabling a smooth transition into the existing panel. To make sure the alignment is good, try pre-fitting the new panel.
  • Getting the product ready: Next, you need to make the adhesive ready for use. Put the two-component adhesive cartridge into the dispensing gun. Level the plungers and ensure that the adhesive comes out of both sides of the cartridge by squeezing a small amount of this automobile panel bonding glue from each side of the cartridge. Fix the mixing tip and let out a small amount of material to take care that the adhesive is evenly mixed and has a uniform color.
  • Assembling the broken panels:
    1. Apply a small bead of this vehicle bonding glue to the surfaces you have prepared and intend to join. Secure the panel with clamps. Use screws or rivets on areas that are tough to clamp. Do not pull the panel away from the vehicle after you have positioned it.
    2. Slide panels against one another in case repositioning is required to keep the two surfaces in contact even when you are trying to get them correctly positioned.
    3. Leave adhesive to cure for about 1.5 to 2 hours before unclamping. Remove excess adhesive from the sectioned area. Make sure you check if the sectioned area has a smooth transition so that imperfections do not show up after painting. You can resort to additional grinding if necessary, to get a smooth seam. Paint and bake only after 8 hours from when you let the surfaces stand for curing.

Key Features of the Lord Fusor Metal Bonding Adhesive (Medium):

  • Fast Action: enables you to de-clamp in 1.5 to 2 hours
  • No Welding Necessary: makes the bonding process simple and quick
  • Corrosion Protection: since surfaces do not corrode for years upon adhesive application
  • Choice of Two Sizes: 210mL (7.1oz) Cartridge

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Work Time, minutes @ 70°F (21°C): 40-50
  • Full Cure Strength, hours @ 70°F (21°C): 8
  • Handling Strength, hours @ 70°F (21°C): 1-1/2 to 2
  • Part Paintability, hours @ 70°F (21°C): 8
  • Lap Shear Strength, psi (MPa) (ASTM D 1002)
    • Cold Rolled Steel: 2250 (15.5); cohesive failure
    • Aluminum: 2150 (14.8); cohesive failure
  • Torsional Impact Resistance, in-lb (N-m) (GM 9751 P)
    • Cold Rolled Steel: No adhesive failure; >106 (>11.98)
    • Aluminum: No adhesive failure; >106 (>11.98)

Use with 1816423 Dispensing Gun and 1816424 Power Mixing Tips

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