Keysco Viking Tapping Arm with 400 RPM Motor & 63" Arm VT400


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Great for all general purpose tapping from small to medium tap sizes in mild steel

  • Arm equipped with lubricated for life bearings at all swivel points and provides 'weightless' operation and permits the operator to bring the tap to the hole with ease
  • Increased efficiency - Operator brings tap to the work utilizing the efficiency of bearings at all swivel points versus positioning a part under a spindle
  • Ergonomically Correct - The operator benefits from improved ergonomics and proper tool handling. The design absorbs the tapping torque to reduce strain on the user's hand, wrist and arm.
  • Increased Productivity - Tapping cycle starts at the correct speed and to direct to reverse at desired depth
  • Maximum Quality - Tap holder floats in machine, allows the tap to precisely follow the hole without the influence of the spindle. 
  • Never Break a Tap Again - The tap holder with built-in clutch clicks when tap bottoms, hits interference or begins to dull.


  • Type: Parallel arm
  • RPM: 400
  • CFM: 24
  • Air Inlet: 3/8" BSPP
  • Min. Hose Size: 3/8"
  • Torque @ 90 PSI: 27
  • Arm Reach/Length: 63"
  • Maximum Capacity (Aluminum): 1/2"
  • Maximum Capacity (Steel): 7/16"
  • Arm Reach (Inch): 63"
  • Tooling Style: WES1
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