Keysco Replacement Lens for Sand Blasting Hoods 40025


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Protect your eyes and face from rebounding abrasives by using the Replacement Lens for Sand Blasting Hoods. A functional lens is necessary for vision clarity when completing abrasive-blasting jobs while staying safe. During sand blasting applications, a lot of debris hits the shield, and in time your visibility will fade.

This 5" x 6" replacement lens has a protective film that you can easily peel off before use. It serves as a replacement for scratched sand blasting hood lenses. You do not need to replace the hood itself after the lens shows visible signs of damage. Often times, a new lens will do the trick.

Key Features of the Replacement Lens for Sand Blasting Hoods:

  • Serves as replacement for scratched lenses of sandblasting hoods
  • Protects face and eyes from flying abrasives

Technical Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 5" x 6"
  • Quantity per pack: 1
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