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The Hutchins Super Sander has been tried and tested to provide superior finishing on all your automobile projects. This random orbit sander ensures extra control at any angle, thus providing an impeccable finishing touch. The Super Sander is commonly used in woodworking and automobile shops. It usually offers a provision to attach abrasive sandpaper to help smooth different surfaces. The quick motion afforded by the tool is its key characteristic. 

This particular Hutchins Super Sander works on random orbit action; for such sanders, the head and disk rotate in random patterns to provide a super-fine finish. Such automotive sanders create a random sanding pattern by spinning, sanding, and moving in small elliptical patterns. This elliptical design makes sure that there are no swirl marks left on the surface.

Hutchins Super Sander has a flex-cover for a comfortable grip that can reduce the strain on your fingers and hands. It has a low profile, vibration-free motor for full-contact sanding; this, in turn, ensures a better finish. Another important feature is the special Air Efficiency System. With a Positive-Action Drive that is backed by four specially designed bearings, the tool can generate more power in less air. The special over-sized drive head can reduce the wobbling on the pad for more effective sanding. An optional handle is sold separately.

Special Features of the Hutchins Super Sander

  • Quick, random orbit action for superior finish
  • Flex-cover for a comfortable grip and reduced strain
  • Low profile, vibration-free motor for full-contact sanding
  • Air Efficiency System generates more power in less air
  • RPM 10,000+
  • Air Consumption: 9.8 CFM @ 90psi
  • Noise Level: 79 dBa
  • Pad Size: 6" PSA
  • Optional handle available separately
  • Made in the USA
Shown With Optional Handle

    Made in USA

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