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The Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool is a great tool to have in your auto repair workshop. This tool by Glass Technology's Kong needs only one tool for the cutting process. It provides a non-invasive approach to removing the windshield without damaging the vehicle in the process. 

Traditional methods use blades to cut through the urethane, but the Kong uses the strength of the Gorilla Cord and ZipLine to cut easily and effectively through the urethane by using its Advanced Angle Cutting Technology (AACT). You do not have to use any additional pulleys or other equipment attach to the windshield. This tool enables an Auto Glass Technician to cut the windshield out in half the time, thanks to its dual cutting technology.

The Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool is capable of cutting the urethane in the glass, across the dash and a pillar or headliner at the same time. It is perfect for removing windshields from expensive cars or vintage ones, without damaging the car paint or cracking the windshield glass, making it suitable for auto restoration jobs. 

This Cut Out Tool is also ideal for aluminum vehicle frames and no molding vehicles. It comes packaged in a heavy duty plastic, foam lined case. The Kong does its job quickly, without negatively affecting the auto body, thus making it your best and safest bet.

Key Features of the Kong Auto Glass Cut Out Tool:

  • Needs only one tool for cutting
  • Provides non-invasive approach
  • Strength of the Gorilla Cord and ZipLine
  • Advanced Angle Cutting Technology (AACT)
  • Additional pulleys or equipment not required
  • Dual cutting technology
  • Heavy duty plastic case


  • (1) Kong Ratchet System
  • (2) Line Shields
  • (1) T-Handle Wire Starter
  • (1) 250' Reusable Gorilla Cord
  • (1) 300' Reusable ZipLine
  • (1) case

Technical Specifications

  • Reusable Gorilla Cord: 250'
  • Reusable ZipLine: 300'
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