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10-Tons of Pulling Power in a Compact Pulling Post

Every auto body shop needs frame pulling posts that help in straightening damaged frames. With the Champ Easy-Puller Pulling Posts, you can restore smashed frames back to their original condition.

During an automobile accident, the damage can extensive to the vehicle frame. To bring the car back to its original shape, it is necessary that you use a frame straightener. A frame straightener usually consists of pulling posts. These posts or upright towers are capable of working on different frame areas of the vehicle. Attach the post to the base and remove it when required. You now have the best portable frame straightening post available on the market.

The advent of crumple zone in vehicles has brought about extensive vehicular damage, even when the vehicle is in a low-speed collision. The crumple zone is intended to absorb the energy of vehicular impact that would otherwise affect the passengers in the car. With frame straightener and pulling posts, you can bring your vehicle back to its factory condition.

4025 Champ Easy-Puller Pulling Post Kit Includes:

  • 1 - # 4025-A Easy-Puller Pulling Post
  • 1 - # SHFU-B65425 Blackhawk 10 Ton Pump
  • 1 - # SHFU-B65442 Blackhawk 10-ton, 6" stroke ram
  • 1 - # 5030 6 foot hydraulic hose
  • 1 - # 5050 Hi-Flo hose half coupler
  • 1 - # 1105 5 foot chain with grab hook
  • 1 - # 1108 8 foot chain with grab hook
  • 1 - # 7200 3/8" Clevis grab hook

The base and the post are two partially assembled components. The base comes with two attached wheels, ram coupler, nut and bolt for attaching post. The post has a ram coupler attached.

How to operate the Champ Easy-Puller Pulling Posts?

  • With the help of the nuts and bolts, attach the post to the base
  • At the end of the base, screw the hydraulic ram onto the ram coupler
  • Remove bolt from ram coupler on post
  • Screw the ram coupler on top of the hydraulic ram
  • Attach ram coupler to the post with the help of nuts and bolts
  • Using the included locking pin, attach hook to the back of the base

NOTE: Champ Easy-Puller Pulling Post Kit pictured above. Made in USA kit with imported Blackhawk pump.

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