CHAMP® 10-Ton Versa-Puller Frame Machine


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Install the super-efficient and portable Champ 10-Ton Versa-Puller Frame Machine and perform automotive repair jobs with much more precision than ever before. If you are looking to restore a car to its original condition and it requires intensive repair that goes beyond the superficial imperfections, then you will need a sturdy and efficient frame puller machine such as Versa-Puller.

Auto body frame puller machines help in restoring the frame to its original shape effortlessly, safely and within no time. Frame machines are known to be valuable equipment in any automotive overhauling unit. They use the power of torque and hydraulics to deliver a powerful performance.

What makes this 10-ton Versa-Puller frame machine stand out?

Versa-puller machine amalgamates the abilities of body or frame straightener with that of a drive-on frame rack. With a swivel mechanism on the pulling post and body beam, it allows a better reach for pulling and you don't even need to remount the vehicle. Hence, the swivel feature is beneficial. You can use the third pinchweld clamp in the place that requires stronger holding if the pull is unusually tough. This puller frame machine comes in two models i.e. one with one foot pump and the other with an overhead boom, two hydraulic rams and foot pumps.

How to install the Versa-Puller

  1. Fix wheels to the bottom of the main swivel plate
  2. Put the end of the dozer beam inside the main swivel plate
  3. Place the swivel/dozer beam locking pin through the swivel plate and beam
  4. Push bolt through plate and tighten bolt into the bottom of the swivel locking pin. This locking pin will freeze the dozer beam in place
  5. Put pinchweld clamp swivel arm into the main swivel and lock into place with a locking pin
  6. Leave the arm to swivel or lock it in the place you want with a second locking pin
  7. Post swivel can be attached to the end of the dozer
  8. Bolt in place and tighten it well
  9. Fix the post to post swivel and tighten bolt to hold it well
  10. Put locking pin inside to hold post in one place
  11. Fix female ram coupler to the male one at the end of the hydraulic arm
  12. Fix to lower post coupler connection and tighten the bolt by hand, making sure you don't over tighten it
  13. Screw threaded pinchweld clamp into the threaded hold on swivel arm plate, and tighten it to stay in place

The Champ 10-Ton Versa-Puller Frame Machine has enough power to help you perform repair jobs with the precision and convenience that you have been looking for.

Request our Free Frame Straightening Video & Information Package by mail.

Key Features of the Champ 10-Ton Versa-Puller Frame Machine

  • Quick Installation: easy to set up and is a one man show
  • Versatile Application: carries out tougher than usual pulls with extra attachments
  • Two Point Clamping System: enables secure pulling and frame straightening
  • 3 Point Clamping System: provides additional support for tougher pulls
  • Mobile: for use in parking spaces or auto body shop
  • Full 180 Degrees Swivel: helps in side, rear and front pulling
  • Made in the USA with imported Blackhawk pump and ram

Compare to other Champ Frame Straighteners

Lease to Own, monthly payments as low as $63.92

Ships by truck freight. You will be contacted with final shipping charges. Forklift required at time of delivery. Can't be unloaded using a lift gate.

Instructional Video

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