Marson® Big Daddy® Hand Riveter M39031

Aluminum Repair

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The most versatile and powerful hand riveter, takes the hard work out of setting large diameter blind rivets. Its extra-long handles provide excellent leverage and permit working a foot beyond natural reach.


  • Patented bearing design
  • Self-adjusting two-piece jaws
  • Single-unit body construction with a steel insert to provide stronger threads for the included nosepieces

In addition, the Big Daddy® features a double-gear reduction system which easily sets from 1/8" to 1/4" diameter Klik-Fast rivets in all alloys, including 1/4" Klik-Split® and 3/16" and 1/4" Klik-Lock™ rivets. One-piece collet case eliminates the need to adjust the tool when changing rivet diameters. Includes 5/32", 3/16" and ¼" nosepieces, which are stored in the body.

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