3M™ Scotch-Brite Roloc 2" Body Man's Bristle Disc 07536

Conditioning Discs

SKU #1703925
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  • Removes high loading materials fast and doesn't load
  • Great for removing rubberized undercoating, seam sealer, rust & paint while maintaining product life
  • Flexible bristles use less pressure than wire brushes and allow conforming to contours, even on the most complex parts
  • The bristle spacing makes for easy removal of coatings and other high-loading materials
  • Use with 4321 (05539) back-up pad for best support.
  • Discs contain no wire filaments for improved safety
  • Aluminum Oxide abrasive type
  • 36 grade
  • 2" discs
  • 25,000 Max Operating Speed
  • Includes 1 disc
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