3M™ Green Corps 2" Roloc Discs

Conditioning Discs

SKU #1810693
• Makes the removal of paint, rust, and weld easy
• Multiple grit options
• Can be used with tools for disc grinding
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If you have been looking for a product that will make paint, rust and weld removal easy, then the 3M Green Corps Roloc 2" Discs are the right choice. It is essential to remove old paint, rust, and welding spots before starting a fresh paint job, and these versatile discs will allow you to do a perfect cleaning job.

Available in 80, 60, and 40 Grade, these 2" discs are very handy and can be used with quick disc changing tools used for disc grinding. All it takes is a speedy half turn to place the disc and a half turn to remove it; they are the perfect size for quick changes, thus reducing the time and energy spent on a project.

The box comes with 25 discs that are color-coded; the grit of the disc can be identified by the color of the plastic button on the disc.

Special Features of the 3M Green Corps Roloc 3" Discs:

  • Roloc attachment system works with any 1/4" drill or air tool
  • Makes the removal of paint, rust, and weld easy
  • Available in 80,60 and 40 grade
  • Disc Size: 2"
  • Can be used with tools for disc grinding, making your work simpler and faster
  • 25 discs with the Roloc name and Green Corps quality
  • Discs have a green button
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