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Herkules Double Paint Gun Washer

Gun Washing-Recycling

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Save money by stopping wasted time spent cleaning pain guns. Reduces hazardous waste by re-use of thinner. Features a diaphragm pump. Replacement parts available.

  • Cleans 2 guns & 2 cups simultaneously in one minute
  • Cleans all types of spray guns
  • Three year warranty on exceptionally reliable diaphragm pump
  • Built with corrosion resistant components
  • Industrial strength polyethelene tank
  • Enclosed cabinet dramatically reduces dangerous VOC's
  • Internal reservoir – 5 gallons
  • Extra large tank for easy set up.
  • Automatic timer
  • Safety lid shut-off switch – pump will not operate while lid is open
  • Filter/regulator
  • Fully automatic for thorough and efficient cleaning

Size 24¼" W x 41½" H x 20½" D.

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