Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator

Plastic Repair

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The Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator by Urethane Supply is a huge step forward in producing nitrogen for plastic welding. The membrane separation technology separates clean, dry, oil free compressed air into two streams; one is 97%-99%+ pure nitrogen, the other is a mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and other gases. The nitrogen stream is channeled into the plastic welder to be used for plastic welding. The remaining gases are vented to the atmosphere. With a three-stage filtering system only clean air reaches the nitrogen membrane. Check the filter condition quickly and easily with a convenient magnetic access door. Only replace the filter when contamination occurs, or annually with daily use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Converts 105 PSI of compressed air into a continuous 20 LPM supply of 97%+ pure nitrogen
  • No electrical or moving parts to fail
  • Easy to install and maintain with low maintenance cost
  • Heavy gauge powder-coated steel housing
  • 1 year warranty (Void if membrane contaminated with oil, water, or other contaminants, or if membrane has suffered other physical damage.)
  • A valuable addition to any hot air welding system that uses compressed air or nitrogen.
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