Auto Body Repair Tools & Equipment

Browse our excellent selection of auto body repair tools and equipment perfect for dressing up your collision center for success. Collision repair is tough work and we have the right gear for you to get the job done. From hand and specialty tools to heavy equipment that lugs or lifts vehicles around the auto body shop or stores its parts safely, everything you need is here in just one spot.
  • Mobile Double Bumper Rack
  • Super Mega Mobile Bumper Caddy
  • Panel Caddy by PROlific
  • Mobile Bumper Caddy
  • Mega Bumper Mobile Rack - Basket
  • Wall-Mount Bumper Rack
  • Mega Bumper Wall Mount Rack by PROlific
  • Mobile Aluminum Windshield Rack
  • Windshield Rack - 6 Pocket
  • Windshield Rack- 10 Pocket
  • Cordless Tool Garage With Magnets
  • The Pan
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