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Paint Efficiently with Warm Air!

By heating the compressed air used in spray painting, the heated spray gun warms the liquid being sprayed, lowering the viscosity of the product and allowing the product to flow out on the panel and flatten out. This greatly reduces orange peel texture which in turn reduces buffing. Secondly, the warming of 2K primers, paints, and clears activates the cross linking process, which is what leads to faster flash and cure times. Spraying with heated air creates better atomization, which allows for reduction in needed air pressure and less over spray. The heated air can also be used with the included air fan/air temp gauge to dehydrate water base paints, to speed up the painting process.

When you add up the savings in faster through put, less buffing, and material savings, you could recoup your investment in as little as three months!

  • Faster flash and dry times
  • Clear flows out like glass
  • Minimizes need for polishing
  • Works great in both heated and unheated booths
  • Maintains consistent spray temperature year round
  • Reduces booth run time
  • Get a better finish with less material


  • Variable heat settings
  • 6-hour auto shutoff timer
  • 35' hose assembly
  • 20' Cord
  • Mobile Cart
  • Air filtration
  • 110 Volt

Ships via truck freight.

Killer Tools

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