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Booth Wrap® 4X High Temp - Baking Booth

Paint Booth Wraps

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Booth Wrap® 4X Protection Film keeps booth protected and clean four times longer and reduces standard application downtime by 75%. The light tack adhesive backing prevents dust from accumulating behind the plastic, yet is easily removed without adhesive transferring to the sidewalls. It takes two hours to install in a brand new or recently repainted booth. Each application provides a full year of protection. When the film becomes dirty, just peel the top layer away to expose fresh film. Retape the edges and the booth is immediately ready for use. Booth Wrap® 4X High Temp Film can handle up to 250 degrees metal temperature. Made of polypropylene film which is not susceptible to wrinkling.

Booth Wrap® 4X Protection Film Kits contain:
• 1 roll of 4-ply laminated film: 36" x 275', clear
• 6 rolls of edge tape (clear): 2" x 330'

One kit will cover a booth 14'W x 27'L x 9'H.

Easy to apply with the SP0081 Application Brush
& SP0082 Wrap Dispenser. Sold separately.

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