3M Imperial Wetordry 9" x 11" Paper Sheets

Wet Sanding

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• Waterproof backing
• Can be easily cut and folded to fit any hand tool or work piece crevice
• 50 sheets per box
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  • Performance advantages: Improved rate of cut, increased abrasive life, increased flexibility, and uniform, consistent finish.
  • Waterproof backing
  • 50 Sheets per sleeve
  • Grit: P1000 - P2500 has Silicon Carbide abrasive material
    • For leveling minor dust nibs, adjusting mismatched orange peel, light sanding on acrylic lacquer paint and other sanding jobs where burning or sanding through clear coat and paint are primary concerns
  • Grit: P220-P800 has Aluminum oxide abrasive material
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