Polyvance Flextex VT Satin Black 1-Quart 3803-4

Plastic Repair

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Polyvance Flextex V
Flextex VT is a black acrylic coating used for re-texturing repaired areas on bumper covers, instrument panels an consoles.


  • Simulates the OEM texture
  • Only one texture paint is needed for all texture sizes
  • Compatible with nearly all top coat systems
  • Does not need to be top coated if black texture is desired


  • Clean plastic with one of Polyvance's plastic cleaners.
  • Sand surface with 180-240 grit sandpaper to remove gloss. Blow dust free with clean, dry air.
  • For raw unpainted TPO, PP, or TEO, spray on a light coat of 1050 Plastic Magic Adhesion Promoter and allow to dry. For other raw plastics, adhesion promoter is optional. (Will not work on polyethylene.)
  • To build texture, apply 3 to 5 light coats, allowing flash time between coats. Reduce fluid flow at gun for light coats. Let dry for 30 minutes if light coats are applied and 2 to 3 hours for heavier applications before top coating. Flextex VT can be top coated at any time after the minimum dry time.
  • After Flextex VT has completely dried, (if desired) top coat with a light coat of Bumper and Cladding Color Coat followed by one or two more wet coats. If another type of top coat is needed, use a lacquer compatible top coat system.

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