Col-Met Front Flow/Cross Flow Paint Spray Booth 8548

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• Heavy Gauge Construction
• Precision Punch Panels
• Top-Notch Lighting
• Great Quality Doors
• Tubeaxial Fans and Motors
• Meet/Exceed Quality Regulations
• USA Made!
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New - Now includes Inside Access Light Fixtures for Easy Access, Light Fixture Bulbs and Window on the Personnel Access DoorNow includes:
  • Observation window in personnel door
  • Inside access light fixtures for easier bulb changing
  • Bulbs included with light fixtures

When you want a professional look in your body shop and professional results on your paint jobs, then you need to have the Col-Met Paint Booth - Front Flow/Cross Flow in place. With a heavy-duty bolted construction, this paint booth has a large interior space to accommodate even big vans. Easy to install, maintain and operate, this crossdraft booth brings in a lot of efficiency to your automobile paint jobs.

A spray booth typically comprises four major compartments, such as paint area, product doors, exhaust fan and chamber, and an air make-up unit. This large paint booth unit has a large interior space, good vehicle door clearance and panels made of 18-gauge galvanized prime steel. 

A gabled roof allows enhanced lighting, air flow and augments the strength too. Hence there are no air pockets in the booth to hinder with the efficiency of the paint jobs. Equipped with ten 48" four-tube fluorescent lights that improves lighting conditions and have a clear glass exterior, this paint booth lets you achieve painting tasks with precision.

The new design of this paint spray booth includes an observation window in the personnel door, light fixtures with inside access to allow easy bulb changing, and bulbs with light fixtures. Made in the USA, every part of this auto body paint booth carries the hallmark of quality and can be easily assembled. 

A Dwyer manometer draft gauge supports exhaust filter monitoring and helps measure pressure drop across the exhaust filters to know if the filters are functioning the right way.

Constructed with ease and efficient in terms of cost and performance, this spray paint booth for automotives helps you accomplish paint jobs with much more efficiency than ever before. The new and improved Col-Met Paint Booth - Front Flow/Cross Flow is a simple configuration that makes good use of your shop space, serves you for years and works economical on your auto body shop's budget.

Key Features of the Col-Met Paint Booth – Front Flow/Cross Flow:

  • Heavy Gauge Construction: booth made of 18-gauge good quality galvanized steel
  • Precision Punch Panels: enable quick and effortless nut and bolt assembly
  • Top-Notch Lighting: keep the booth bright and adequately illuminated
  • Great Quality Doors: are windowed and pre-hung on the heavy duty steel frame for making installation easy
  • Tubeaxial Fans and Motors: carry the stamp of quality, efficiency and durability
  • Meet/Exceed Quality Regulations: delivering high performance standards

Technical Specifications

  • Frame Material: 18-gauge galvanized prime steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 26'4" L x 14'-6.5" W x 11'2" H
  • Interior Space: 26' x 14' x 9'
  • Vehicle Door Clearance: 9'4" W x 8'x 10.5" H
  • Bolts: 5/16"
  • Flange: 2"
  • No. of Fluorescent Tubelights: 10
  • Tubeaxial Fan Diameter: 30"
  • Intake Filters and Exhaust Filters: 20" x 20"
  • Made in the USA

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