Hybrid Vehicle Workstation

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In today's changing world, we must keep the safety of our employees in mind while working on Hybrid Vehicles. This workstation has been designed to keep all of the tools and supplies that are needed during the hybrid vehicle repair process. You can purchase the complete kit or just individual components as needed.

Complete Kit Contains:
1 - Hybrid Supply Box w/ Decal
1 - Insulated Rescue Hook 68"
2 - Glove bags
2 - pairs - Hybrid Gloves 11", Class O (1-Medium & 1-Large)
2 - pairs - Glove Liners
2 - pairs - Leather Protectors
1 - Face Shield
Workstation Size: 24" W x 13" H x 8" D.

We recommend using GoJaks for safety and ease of movement on hybrid/electric vehicles.

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