Charging Cabinet Vertical with 12 Slots

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Vertical Charging Cabinets for Tablets & Chromebooks

Has your shop gone digital? If you have outfitted your employees with Laptops or Tablets, we have an inexpensive, pre-assembled unit that will keep them charged and secured. To conserve space the unit may be mounted to a variety of surfaces or set on a flat surface.

12-Slot Cabinet

• Holds 12 Tablets or Chromebooks up to 13.3"
• Steel Dividers with soft PVC coating, spaced 1" apart
• Includes built in Surge Protector
• Removable power brick holders with hook and loop fasteners for superior cable management
• Key Lock
• Mounting Hardware for drywall surfaces included
• Light Gray, Powder Coated Steel
• Overall Dimensions: 13" W x 24.4" H x 15.8" D
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