3M™ Scotch Auto Body Repair Tape 06930

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You can now repair small holes, scratches, and other common car issues yourself without running to an expert. The perfect DIY solution for rusts and scratches is here just for you. The 3M Scotch Auto Body Repair Tape is a must have product for all the automobile enthusiasts.

This product is practical and easy to use when it comes to masking the rust out areas on your vehicle. This versatile product is extremely strong and acts as an excellent backup material for plastic fillers. While it cuts to size easily, it is completely mess-free and bonds exceptionally well.

3M is a brilliant manufacturer of adhesives, laminates and more, specifically for automobile use. They put in their very best to give the customers highly durable and quality products. As with this auto body repair tape, you will get what you have been looking for to repair your vehicle.

As an automobile aficionado, you already know that some rust out areas cannot be filled. The 3M Scotch Auto Body Repair Tape can be applied on that rust out hole to get a perfect and smooth finish for your vehicle. The material of this product lets you cover up the dents without a mess.

Another advantage of this auto body repair tape is its high strength adhesive that is guaranteed to stay on. The thick aluminum backing on the tape makes it convenient for you to handle and smooth out after application. It stands the test of time without weathering or falling apart.

Key Features of the 3M Scotch Auto Body Repair Tape:
  • 2" x 125" rolls
  • Thick aluminum backing
  • High strength adhesive
  • Very strong and rigid
  • A hassle free backup material for plastic filler on rust out areas
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