Pro-Tech-It Magnetic Car Cover 80" x 110"

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Made of a heavy duty clear vinyl the Pro-Tech-It™ car cover attaches to the vehicle via strong magnets. This allows you to install, remove, and reinstall the Pro-Tech-It™ car cover again and again. Best of all, the clear covers allow you to enter a vehicle with the cover still installed and drive it safely into your shop all while keeping the interior of the vehicle protected from the elements.

Protect the interior of a vehicle from dust and debris while doing repairs by installing the cover over any openings near the repair areas.

Other benefits include:
• Easily installed and removed by one person
• Suction cups included to secure the cover to non-metallic parts
• Built to withstand temperatures down to -20ºF
• Clean-up is easy; just wipe with a damp cloth
• Environmentally friendly