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Steck Al Skin Zipper Door Skinning Tool

Aluminum Repair

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Steck is the first supplier to be able to provide an aluminum door skinning tool that can actually bend and put a rope hem around the door. Currently other tools can only bend the aluminum and then you must hammer and dolly the entire door to complete the crimp. Made the tool red to help the technician keep the tool separate from their steel version. This tool has a wider gap than the original tool to handle the difference of thickness.

Tool Need: Attach a new aluminum door skin with rope hem in approximately 15 minutes before the two part bonding agent has time to set.

Value Proposition: New Air Hammer driven door skinning tool for any 1 millimeter aluminum skin and 1.5 millimeter door shell and is easily affordable for every auto body technician. The Al Skin Zipper skins doors in approximately 15 minutes using Al Skin Zipper's self-lubricating reinforced Nylon head that will crimp regular or adhesive bonded skins. The Al Skin Zipper crimps the edge tightly for a professional rope hem finish with no damage to the skin in an easy two-step process after removing the SPR's (Self Piercing Rivets) with the SPR Extraction Tool.

The head will skin approximately 10 door skins and is easy to replace when it wears out.

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