BoothWrap® Kit - White

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Booth Wrap® Single Layer Film is a self-adhesive, white plastic film that stops the accumulation of overspray and paint dust on paint boothwalls.

Kit contains:

  • 1 roll of 24" x 75' wrap
  • 1 roll of 36" x 225' wrap
  • 1 roll of 2" x 330' edge tape.
  • One kit will completely wrap a 27' booth, once.
  • Clean-up is quick & easy
  • Keeps booth walls pure white
  • Adhesive keeps dust from accumulating behind plastic
  • Easy-to-remove, doesn't leave adhesive behind
  • Also comes in clear, SP890 Booth Wrap® Single Layer - Clear
  • Use the Booth Wrap® Installation Tool to make installation a breeze, SP0081 Applicator and SP0082 Dispenser.

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