Ensure protection of customer vehicles with our great selection of plastic masking products, including start-up masking kits and paint booth wrap supplies, paint protection film, mask film, plastic floor mats and plastic covers for car seats, tires, steering wheels and mirrors. The plastic covers are perfect for protecting the interiors from dirt and chemicals while the crash wrap keeps it clean during wet and dry sanding procedures. Grab either our floor or wall-mount masking kits so that you can store everything in one place for quick and easy use.
  • Plastic Floor Mats by Slip-N-Grip™
  • Plastic Floor Mats with Adhesive by Slip-N-Grip™
  • Plastic Starter Kit with Floor Rack
  • Plastic Starter Kit with Wall Rack
  • Plastic Gear Shift Covers
  • Steering Wheel Protectors
  • Slip-N-Grip™ Seat Jacket
  • Automotive Carpet Protection Film 24" x 300'
  • Small Parts Recloseable Poly Bags 4" x 6"
  • Small Parts Recloseable Poly Bags 10" x 12" - 2 mil
  • Small Parts Recloseable Poly Bags 3" x 5" - 4 mil
  • Small Parts Recloseable Poly Bags 9" x 12" - 2 mil
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