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Plastic Repair

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Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder
SKU #: RP417


Bumpersmith 2.0
SKU #: RP568


Bumper Mate 2
SKU #: RP631


Bumper Pliers Kit
SKU #: RP1023


Aluminum Tape 2x180
SKU #: RP248


Aluminum Tape 1x180
SKU #: RP249


Swivel Slimline Plastic Riveter
SKU #: RP521


5.0mm Short Plastic Rivets
SKU #: RP522


6.3mm Long Plastic Rivets
SKU #: RP523


Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator
SKU #: RP550


Slimline Plastic Pop Riveter by DENT FIX
SKU #: RP029


Hot Stapler Plastic Repair Deluxe Kit
SKU #: RP008

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