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EasyTrac Workflow

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  • A repair order jacket should be used on every job. Record all information on the front of the jacket, as well as any special promises to the customer, when the job is sold.

    Pass the jacket to the person in charge of ordering parts and fill in the following sections:
    Vendor information section
    When the parts were ordered, and by whom
    Dealership where the parts were ordered
    Expected date of arrival
    Make a copy of every part's invoice
    Keep all paperwork in the RO jacket

    When all parts have arrived, the jacket goes to the person in charge of production.
    Back side has additional space for notes
    Record all phone calls to insurance companies/customers
    Record supplement problems

    Be sure to record information that:
    May be needed when the job is finished
    May be useful for computing the final bill
    These items are recorded in the customer/insurance section
    Note: record supplement information in red for easy reference

    When the job is finished:
    Compute the final bill in the lower right hand corner of the jacket
    Make copies of all invoices and put them inside jacket
    Make sure notes are complete
    Final bill can now be computed easily!

    After all money is collected:
    File the jacket alphabetically by color label system
    Make sure all invoices and paperwork is inside
    Include copies of final bill & supplement, rental form, POA, etc.



  • How does EasyTrac work?
    By marking folders with color-coded labels and filing them on open front shelves, the organizational method is simplified -- it becomes both visual and logical, unlike traditional file systems.

    How can EasyTrac benefit me?
    Simple! Eliminating misfiles, easy retrieval of customer records, fast purging of old files, and efficient re-filing.

    What other products can I get for EasyTrac?
    Aside from the storage solutions, some related or optional accessories can be found here.



  • Over the years we've had many requests to develop a control system to monitor vehicles as they move through the shop. This differs from many of the others. It might work for you.

    If you take a look at the photo at right, you'll see it's simple. Designed to work with our repair order jackets, you just move the jacket from rack to rack as the vehicles move through the shop.

    You'll be astounded at how much additional control you'll have -- as well as everyone else in the shop. It works for any size shop, since the repair order racks come in 12, 18, and 24 pocket sizes. In addition, we have rotating 36 pocket racks. All are available from us in only a few days. I've seen this working in shops that do as few as 25 cars per month to those that do 200. It keeps the work flowing and keeps all the paperwork right at your fingertips. Streamline your system today, with EasyTrac!